• Q: "How do I size my jackets?"

       3 measurements should be taken to determine jacket sizing.
    - The first measurement is chest size and should measure the entire circumference of the chest. Measure at the fullest part of the chest and across the shoulder blades. Measurement should be snug but not tight.
    - The second measurement is sleeve length. Measure starting at the top of the arm at the shoulder joint. Measure along the outside of the arm to the wrist.
    - The third measurement is body length. Measure from the collarbone down the front to the top of the waist.

    Utilizing these 3 measurements, refer to the sizing chart on your school letter jacket page to determine the appropriate alpha size. Note – addition and subtractions can be made to the sleeve and body length at 2” increments.

  • Q: "I don’t see my school. How do I order a jacket?"

       If your school is not established on the site, feel free to call 800-544-TEAM or 303-421-6751 and ask for the letter jacket counter. We will gladly work with you to determine the specs of your jacket and process the order over the phone.

  • Q: "Will you customize my school jacket in different colors?"

      Absolutely! We ask though that you call in those orders at 800-544-TEAM or 303-421-6751 and ask for the letter jacket counter. We will gladly work with you to determine the specs of your jacket and process the order over the phone.

  • Q: "What about custom patches?"

       LetterJackets.com does offer additional patch and embroidery options. Please call 800-544-TEAM or 303-421-6751 to determine if we are able to fill you request.

  • Q: "How do I pay for my order?"

       After selecting your jacket and/or patch options, you will be directed to our CHECKOUT page. Once your information is entered you will then be guided to the PAYMENT screen. We accept all 4 major credit cards for payment.

  • Q: "When will my card be charged?"

       As the letter jackets are all custom-made to order, your credit card will be charged as soon as you place the order.

  • Q: "Is your website secure?"

       Our website uses Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) to encrypt your personal credit information, including your credit card number, before it travels over the Internet. SSL technology is the industry standard for secure online transactions.

  • Q: "Will my information be shared with third parties?"

       No. LetterJackets.com does not share any of your secure information with outside parties.

  • Q: "How long will my order take?"

       All efforts are made to ship orders within 6 weeks of receipt. LetterJackets.com will not be responsible for any failure to make delivery of all or part of any order due to, but not limited to, flood, fire, strike, riots, war, acts of God, and inability to obtain materials and supplies, or any other circumstance beyond our control.
    LetterJackets.com will not be responsible for additional freight charges due to inability to ship product as anticipated. All products are shipped FOB ARVADA CO, unless otherwise noted. All claims for shortages must be filled within 5 days of invoice date. LetterJackets.com charges $6.99 for freight regardless of order size.

  • Q: "May I cancel my order?"

       Jacket orders may be cancelled within 24 business hours or order placement. Because jackets are all custom-made to order, we cannot cancel any order after 24 business hours.

  • Q: "Do you offer returns or exchanges?"

       Letter jackets are custom-made to order and may not be returned or exchanged.

  • Q: "Are the jackets and/or lettering warrantied?"

       All LetterJackets.com products are warrantied against defects for one full year, however, defects caused by improper laundry techniques by the customer or customer designee or customer abuse are the responsibility of the customer.

  • Q: "How do I clean my jacket?"

       Letter jackets must be dry cleaned only. LetterJackets.com recommends you discuss the cleaning process with your local dry cleaner.